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Fleet Service Tracker (FST) is just one of the tools being developed by Fleet Group that will help the owner-Operator or fleet manager reel in cost. The FST is designed to document repairs utilizing VMRS.

This powerful tool will help track preventive maintenance inspections (PM), identify maintenance issues, increase fleet utilization, decrease downtime, increase productivity, identify warranty opportunities and provide data for decision making and continuous improvement.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling.

Tracking history is one of the most vital tasks when managing a fleet. Good records can be used to analyze costs and monitor trends in wear, neglect and abuse of your equipment..

  • Less Equipment Downtime
  • Fewer interruptions to critical operations.
  • Longer asset life.
  • Improved efficiency

Parts & Warranty Monitoring

Small, operational changes can save money for fleets over time with the assistance ... fleets miss out on thousands of dollars per year in unclaimed warranties. Warranty Recovery is the ability to identify, process, track and recoup the costs associated with warrantable vehicle repairs.

Warranty costs can add up usually get overlooked if there is no easy way to access and manage the details. Warranty contracts range from long and complex to brief and vague, and the terms, conditions, triggers and limits may not be readily understood. Additionally, if the contracts are not electronically accessible and searchable, there is little motivation to search through scores of paper records

Complete Asset Managment

Increase fleet utilization & productivity, decrease downtime... Equipment Asset management software is a key resource for companies looking to utilize the most convenient way to track their tools and equipment in order for their business to run successfully.

Online Tools To Keep Your Shop Running

Designed to meet the needs of owner-operators and small to medium size fleets. It is our goal to provide the tools our members can use to manage their fleets successfully.